• How can I get balanced when I'm putting?

    Q: Mark writes: "I was wondering how I can get balanced when I am putting. I have a farely large upperbody (somewhat muscular, or used to be). I guess to many milkshakes/beers/potato chips/ and that darn ranch dressing. The problem is that I want to eat more than I want to be thin. Anyways, I need to feel balanced when I am over the ball, I feel like I am gonna tip over sometimes. Do you have anything that would help me with that?"


    A: I had to stop laughing before I could answer :)

    I have a very simple aid that will help you with your balance - it is called the Balance Rod.

    It will help you find if you are on your toes or heels.  You are right about the importance of balance in putting.  A lot of tour players focus on it.

    Let me know if can help,


  • How do I maintain my spine angle?

    Q: Reginald D. writes: "Which of your products can help me with practice maintaining my spine angle?"

    A: Thanks for your question.

    I am assuming you are asking about the spine angle in your full swing?

    We specialize in putting, so we don't have anything specifically for spine angle and full swing.

    However, I have a suggestion or two.

    We have a product called the "Balance Rod".  It assures that you are staying in balance - toe-to-heel - throughout your swing.  If you are losing your angle it usually changes your balance, too.

    One of my favorite drills is to swing with my shadow directly in front of me so I can see it when I am swinging.  If you see your head bobbing up and down, then your spine angle is changing.  If you can swing and maintain your "steady head" then your spine angle is staying consistent.

    I have used another drill that might help, too.  Put a tee 6" in front of the ball you are hitting.  If you can hit your ball and then make contact with the forward tee (it should be about an inch high), then you are staying down and maintaining your angle through the hitting zone.

    Let me know how you're doing :)


  • Use shorts as a Putting Aid


    Shorts as a Putting Aid

    A solid foundation helps us return the putter to the same position we had at address.  This helps us hit the putt solid ... and make more putts!

    If there is movement in your knees during the stroke, it is unnecessary.  You will have to move them back to the exact starting position.  That’s too complicated to repeat consistently!

    Pay attention to your foundation, and eliminate movement.  Wear shorts when you practice so you can see your knees.

    The Balance Rod will help.  It will focus your attention, and help you feel “solid”.

    If your lower body is stable, I guarantee you will hit your putts more solid ...and you know what that does :)

    You may have also seen the Balance Rod on the Golf Channel during The Golf Fix with Michael Breed!

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