• New Chipping and Pitching Game

    Land your pitch in the target... Roll your ball inside the circle

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    Hitting chips and pitches close to the cup will save a lot of strokes.

    This game is fun, easy to score, and it changes to keep your interest.

    Set up the 6 foot target circle on the green - this is your scoring target.

    Toss a Short Game Target to show you where you want to land the ball.

    Each ball in the circle is a birdie.

    How many Birdies can you make?

  • Play 'em As They Lie Pitching Drill

    Chipping S.T.S. Fundamentals
    Spot - land it on the right spot
    Trajectory- hit the shot with the correct trajectory
    Spin - hit the shot with the desired spin

    Play 'em where they lie

    Scatter several balls along the fringe and short rough. Toss 'em up and let them find their lie :)

    For this drill, set a target on the green a few steps from the fringe. I use the 6' Target Circle for this game.

    The goal is to land the ball in the circle (not stop it in the circle).

    I score with a "2 in, 2 out" method:
    2 in a row in the circle is a birdie, and each successive is another birdie.
    2 in a row out is a bogie, and each successive is another bogie, etc.

    For instance - I make the firs 3, that is 2 under par. I miss the next 4, that is 3 bogies. I make, I miss, I make, I make = 1 more birdie.

    Shoot even par and you are doing well.

    Adjust the target, length to the target, # in or out for a birdie/bogie ... have some fun!

    Let me know your modifications ... I will try 'em!

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  • 7 Club Chipping Drill

    This is one of my favorite drills because it is so tough to "win" :)

    Setup: 6' target on a slope (The Target Circle and Target Hole are perfect).

    Hit a chip with each iron in your bag - just one ball per club.

    Give yourself a point for each ball in the circle, or (my favorite) give yourself a birdie for each 2 in a row in the circle, and a bogie for each 2 in a row out of the circle. (If you shoot even par, you are the Man!)

    When you get good at this drill, you have learned to focus and execute a good motion because every swing is totally different.

    Let me know when you master this ... I won't hold my breath :)

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