• No hole? No problem!

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    When short putts start on the intended line they usually go in.

    This drill focuses on the 3 most important influences:

    • Putter face alignment at impact
    • Alignment
    • Stroke Path

    And you don’t even need a hole :)

    Use the Putting Laser + and the Putting Scope

    Set up 12” - 18” behind the Scope leg.
    Swing the putter so the laser line goes through the center of the leg.
    Pay attention to the direction the line is pointing.

    • If it points to the right of the hole, you’re “holding off” the putter.

    Let it release to the inside of the line after impact.

    • If it points to the left, you’re rotating the face.

    Keep your hands “silent”.  Your shoulder rotation will let the putter swing properly.  No need to let your hands manipulate the putter.

    (If you’re a lefty … well, you know what I mean)

    Put a ball into the drill.  I’m sure you will hit it through the Scope leg, but it might show you a change in your stroke.  Remember … laser through the leg.

    This is a great drill for the office or home.  Whenever you walk by your putter and Scope take 10 seconds to make a few strokes.  They will add up to a great new stroke habit.

    2011 … year of dominating short putts!

  • The Ninja Drill

    See more on the Putting Scope - $39.95 

    Why do I call this the Ninja drill?
    It takes courage to try this enough to succeed - there will be a lot of misses between 4 feet and 10 feet.

    What will you learn?
    If you try to steer the putter, you have no chance.
    You must make a confident stroke that releases the putter to deliver the energy to the ball.

    • Start 1 foot from Scope leg.  Make 5 putts through both gates.
    • Move back a foot and make 5 more.
    • Repeat until you conquer “Ninja-hood”
    • Call Chuck Norris and challenge him to a putting contest.

  • Dominate your 4 footers

    How do you make all your 4 footers?
    Good alignment and an aggressive, confident stroke … simple!

    So let’s practice those 2 elements.

    Use the Putting Scope for alignment and a gate to roll putts through.
    Use the Ball of Steel to create a solid stroke.
    Combine them and what do you have?


    Go get ‘em!

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  • KNOW you are making a "putt-making" stroke!

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    • Set up 4 feet from your target - (It can be a cup, coin, or a stain on the carpet)
    • Set the Putting Laser+ on the shaft
    • Make stroke and watch the laser line “draw” a line to the target.

    Pay attention to the line -

    If it goes to the right, you are preventing the face from squaring at impact

    • Pushing the putter to the right
    • Or holding the face open

    If it goes to the left, you are

    • Pulling the putter left
    • Or shutting the face closed with your hands

    When you see the line going in the hole, capture what the stroke feels like … I bet it is good!

  • Deliberate Practice of a Square Putter Face at Impact

    If we learn to bring the putter face square to our target line, we’ve eliminated a huge pile of missed short putts :)

    Use the Putting Laser+ to show your eyes what square looks like.

    Use the Putting Impact System to instantly know if the face was square when you impacted the ball.

    Use them together to create an indelible image of “square”.

    Put all your attention on this single principle … nothing else for 50 strokes.

    Let me know what you learn :)