• “Flip-No-More” Putting

    A great putting stroke has no “flip” near impact.

    If the hands are too active, then the loft is changed and it is hard to hit the ball in the “vertical” sweet spot of your putter (between the top and bottom of the face).

    The ball will hop or skid instead of roll … speed control is terrible at best :)

    How’s your stroke?

    Use the V1 App software to show you if your stroke is “flip-free”.

    If you see a collapse of the lead wrist, then there is too much movement to be consistent.

    The Pendulum Putting Rod will take away the flip. You will bring the putter back to the ball with Tour-like consistency … that’s why more than 100 Tour pros use the Rod.

    Come on … let’s take some pride in our putting and get better today!

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  • Sharpen your speed control - 10 minutes to become a Putting Surgeon




    There are two elements of great speed control:

    • A solid stroke with good fundamentals &
    • Clear language for your hand-eye coordination

    This practice session will help with both elements.

    These aids we use help with:

    • Consistent posture and preventing wrist flip
    • Proper setup and unwavering body position throughout the stroke
    • Hitting the ball on the sweet spot of the putter

    1.  Set a target at 20, 25, and 30 feet.

    2.  Use the training aid to hit 3 balls to each target (this will help your fundamentals and create good communication between your brain and hands.)

    Hit 3 balls to each target with no aid.  This will ingrain what the aid is teaching and sharpen your focus.

    Repeat with aid, and repeat without aid (hit one ball to each target and repeat 3 times)


    >>> View Pendulum Putting Rod

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  • Mere Experience Versus Deliberate Practice

    The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance
    The Scientific Study of Expert Performance and its Acquisition
    … and Putting   (LOL)

    View the Cambridge Study

    Mere Experience Versus Deliberate Practice

    The Study proves there is a huge difference in our performance when we focus our practice deliberately on a specific task.

    You know it is true, but how do we apply it to putting?

    I created products to focus on one specific piece of putting.

    Occasionally, more is not better.  If you try to see how many ways you can use an aid you will have an enjoyable experience, but not a productive one.

    Stay focused and go practice!

  • Feel and repeat a perfectly connected stroke

    A connected stroke is a solid stroke …
    And a solid stroke wins :)

    Here is a quick picture:
    Set up with the ball perfectly aligned to the center of the ball - between the toe and the heel, and between the top and bottom of the putter face.

    The only thing required to make solid contact is to move the putter away from the ball a few inches and return it to your exact starting position … right?

    So what makes it difficult?

    If you change any of the angles - shoulders, arms, wrists, or hands - during the stroke, then it is reaaaaaly hard to get it back to the starting position.

    What makes it easy?  Keeping all the angles the same.

    I use the Pendulum Putting Rod because it helps me see and feel a connected stroke.

    Take a look at the video and see why it helps.

    This is a great start to your year of great putting … you’re already good :)

  • Fall FUN-Damentals Video Series - Week 2

    Our Fall FUN-Damentals series is all about our S.O.S. System - SOLID, ONLINE, SPEED.

    This week our focus is on SOLID. Learn to hit your putts in the sweet spot... and say "ahhhh!" We'll show you several ways you can learn to hit it SOLID.

    See more about the products used in these videos:
    Sweet Spot 360 - $9.95
    Ball of Steel - $24.95 (3-pack)
    Pendulum Putting Rod - $29.95
    Speed Board - $29.95

    VIDEO #1 - 3 "Tests" to see if you are hitting your putts solidly
    Are you hitting putts in the sweet spot of the putter?  Here are some tests to help you find out.

    VIDEO #2 - Learn to hit your putts SOLID
    The first step in consistently making putts is hitting them solid - in the center of the putter face.
    This video has tips to help you find the culprit of your stroke and fix it ... finally!