• Ball Position Drill

    Tour players give a lot of attention to their ball position from their toe line.
    Why? If the ball is closer or further from your body your swing plane will change … and your shot shape … and probably your score :(

    A lot of things can change your posture and ball position - fatigue, carelessness, back stiffness, etc.  Without knowing it, your ball position will change.

    Use this drill every time you practice.  It will build consistency in your setup, and your ball striking - even before you hit a ball.

    Lay down a Practice T Rod at your target and fasten it in place.  (You can use a club.)
    Lay down another rod perpendicular - very important.  (This can be a club, too, but make sure it is square to the target line.)

    Get into perfect posture and setup position with your toes against the target rod.  This may take the eyes of your Pro.

    Extend the ball position rod to the edge of the ball - use it as a measuring stick.

    Mark the rod on the point where the two rods cross with the club you are using - (8i, 3W, D, etc.)

    Each time you set up your practice station, begin by putting the ball in the exact distance from your toes you have marked on the rod or clubs.

    You will be amazed how much more consistent you will hit it!

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  • Chipping Gate Drill

    Chipping S.T.S. Fundamentals
    Spot - land it on the right spot
    Trajectory- hit the shot with the correct trajectory
    Spin - hit the shot with the desired spin

    Hitting the chip solid is 90% of getting it close

    When you hit the chip solid and maintain consistent loft, the ball usually gets close to the cup.

    We certainly know the opposite is true :(

    Make the gate the right size to fit your skill, and then gradually reduce it to slightly larger than your club.

    The Impact Master will assure consistent loft and spin.

    This simple drill will bring your attention to the right fundamentals in your chipping practice ... and we know results follow focus :)

  • Fix Your Chips - Indoors!

    Hitting Crisp Chips

    Sounds like a new snack :)

    Hitting chips indoors is a great way to practice... as long as you're using the almostGOLF Ball, of course.

    3 steps of practice:

    • All the focus on solid contact
    • Focus on consistent trajectory (you can hit balls at a wall)
    • Focus on landing the chip in the Target Circle

  • Play 'em As They Lie Pitching Drill

    Chipping S.T.S. Fundamentals
    Spot - land it on the right spot
    Trajectory- hit the shot with the correct trajectory
    Spin - hit the shot with the desired spin

    Play 'em where they lie

    Scatter several balls along the fringe and short rough. Toss 'em up and let them find their lie :)

    For this drill, set a target on the green a few steps from the fringe. I use the 6' Target Circle for this game.

    The goal is to land the ball in the circle (not stop it in the circle).

    I score with a "2 in, 2 out" method:
    2 in a row in the circle is a birdie, and each successive is another birdie.
    2 in a row out is a bogie, and each successive is another bogie, etc.

    For instance - I make the firs 3, that is 2 under par. I miss the next 4, that is 3 bogies. I make, I miss, I make, I make = 1 more birdie.

    Shoot even par and you are doing well.

    Adjust the target, length to the target, # in or out for a birdie/bogie ... have some fun!

    Let me know your modifications ... I will try 'em!

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