• Spring Training - Putting Speed Control Drills

    It's Spring Training! It's time to get outside and start fine tuning our putting. Here are some great drills to help with speed control.

    We talk a lot about the training system we use that involves the most critical elements of putting. We call it the S.O.S. System - SOLID, ONLINE, SPEED.

    This week our focus in on SPEED. Speed Control, Touch, Lag, Distance Control … whatever you call it, it is the most important element of good putting.

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  • Speed for long, downhill putts

    Pick an intermediate target to help adjust your speed for long, downhill putts.

    My friend, Claude Brousseau, sent us this drill.  Totally Fun!

    Claude is at Golf Court Academy, Golf Du Vaudreuil located at Le Vaudreuil, France.

    How fast is the putt?  Will it roll 6’ farther than a flat putt of the same distance?

    Put an intermediate target 6’ short of the cup and hit putts to it.  The ball will continue to roll past the target to the cup.

    This is a great drill to refine your sight and touch.  Have fun!

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  • Work on your lag putting with the Collar Drill

    Work on your lag putting with this interesting game.

    • Place targets around the perimeter of the green, 2' from the fringe.
    • From the center of the green - 15-25' from the fringe - hit putts.
    • The goal is for the putt to get to the target, and stop short of the fringes.
    • Track you personal best for most good putts in a row.

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  • 7 Club Chipping Drill

    This is one of my favorite drills because it is so tough to "win" :)

    Setup: 6' target on a slope (The Target Circle and Target Hole are perfect).

    Hit a chip with each iron in your bag - just one ball per club.

    Give yourself a point for each ball in the circle, or (my favorite) give yourself a birdie for each 2 in a row in the circle, and a bogie for each 2 in a row out of the circle. (If you shoot even par, you are the Man!)

    When you get good at this drill, you have learned to focus and execute a good motion because every swing is totally different.

    Let me know when you master this ... I won't hold my breath :)

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  • Speed Kills - Here's Help

    Putting S.O.S. Fundamentals
    Solid - hit the putt solid
    Online - start the putt on the target line
    Speed - hit the putt the correct speed

    Speed Control Creates Confidence

    Call me "crazy" - I believe our bodies can learn to hit a putt the right speed if it is given the proper instructions.

    This drill is about creating the instructions.

    The goal is not to "try" to hit the putt the right distance. It is to hit a putt, soak in the result, and let your brain send the instructions.

    Do this: Put several targets - tees, our Target Holes, etc. beginning at 10 feet. Space them a step apart.
    Hit a putt at the target. Try to hit it past the target a foot or so (the Target Holes won't slow down the ball)
    Take a few seconds after each putt to let your mind's eye see the result and record it.

    Hit a few putts to the same target until you get it dialed in. Your brain will compute the details ... trust it :)

    Go to the next targets doing the same process.

    Finally, hit only one ball to each target up and down the "ladder".

    Have fun with this. Relax. Don't think too much. Your brain is doing a lot of calculations - so don't confuse it :)

    I've seen Tour players do this drill with their eyes closed, and say if they thought the putt was short or long before they opened their eyes.

    Doing this drill will refine your hand/eye coordination and build your confidence - and that is the most important element of good putting.

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