• Key checkpoints for making putt after putt

    When we talk to instructors, one of their top questions is this:

    "How do the guys on tour actually use the mirror?"

    Players are constantly coming up with new ways to use our mirrors, but there are a few elements that every great player works on.

    EyeLine Classic Mirror

    The Original EyeLine Putting Mirror has been the friend of thousands of great and not-so-great putters over the past 10 years. It is perfect for checking all parts of your putting alignment and setup. Check your eyes, shoulders, putter face & more.

    Putting Alignment Mirror

    The Putting Alignment Mirror is the perfect way to get ready to play. Toss it down, line it up, check your setup lines, and build confidence. Check your putter face alignment, eye position and throw it back in your bag. Head to the 1st tee hunting for birdies.

    Edge Putting Mirror

    It gives you full view of your setup and stroke: your eyes, putter face, and shoulders. We included slots for putter gate, ball gate, and release gate practice drills. The non-skid base makes it perfect for your practice on the green or in the office.
  • 4 Putting Elements - Introduction to TAKE TO THE COURSE

    4 Putting Elements - Take it to the CoursePre-shot routine, warming up & confidence building

    Now you’re ready to take your “4 Putting Elements” system to the course. It’s time to put some pressure on your stroke and learn how to perform your best. We give you a pre-stroke routine, and a pre-round warmup. We have a few tips to putting your best under pressure.


  • Take it to the Course- Pre-shot Routine

    4 Putting Elements- Take to the course A consistent Pre-shot routine is the best way to pressure-proof your putting. It begins when you walk into your putt and continues until the ball is rolling into the cup. Create a process that is comfortable to you and repeat it for every putt.

  • Take it to the Course- Checking Your Lines

    4 Putting Elements- Take it to the course Great putters go to the course with confidence in their abilities. They know their shoulder and putter face alignment, eye position, and stroke path is spot on. They call it “checking their lines”. This process eliminates any doubts they have about their setup. Do the same thing as you prepare for your round. Use the mirror and rail to check your lines and head to the tee with max confidence.

  • Take it to the Course- Speed Control

    4 Putting Elements- Take to the course Before your round you want to fine tune your speed control. This drill will bring maximum feedback to your eyes and stroke. Create a ladder with a ball set at 3 foot increments. Hit a putt while watching the cup. Pay attention to how close you roll the ball to your target. Your eyes will help adjust your pace.