Easy Grip 4-Pack
Easy Grip 4-Pack
Easy Grip 4-Pack
Easy Grip 4-Pack
Easy Grip 4-Pack
Easy Grip 4-Pack
Easy Grip 4-Pack
Easy Grip 4-Pack

Easy Grip 4-Pack

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"Once again, EyeLine Golf has come up with a great product in the Easy Grip. I have tried several grip trainers on the market and this one is the best that I have ever seen. It is simple to use and best of all, you can actually hit balls with it using your own golf clubs."

    -Vic Wilk, Instruction Director Silverstone Golf Academy

EyeLine Easy Grip is the revolutionary new golf grip training aid: 

  • The player can hit balls with the club when the Easy Grip is attached.
  • It can be fitted to the clubs you use.
  • It does not alter the club's characteristics.
  • It suits everyone regardless of age, ability, or hand size.
  • It suits any type of grip style - the Vardon grip, the interlocking grip or the baseball grip.
  • You can fit Easy Grip to any club and adjust it for a square alignment on woods for full shots, or an open alignment for bunker shots.
  • It allows for a player to gradually move to the correct grip position if they have had a drastically incorrect position.
Here's how to put Easy Grips to work for you:
 1. EyeLine Easy Grips are color-coded: YELLOW for your right hand and RED for your left hand.
 2. Clip the Easy Grips over the shaft and slide up onto the grip - don't be afraid to pull the Easy Grip open slightly to get it on your grip                                                                              
 3. Line up the Easy Grips center lines with the club center line.
 4. Space the Easy Grips to suit your hand size (see Figure 2).


                       Figure 1                                              Figure 2 

                                  Includes 4 pairs of Easy Grips.

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