Rory drains 55 in a row with the Putting Alignment Mirror at Tour Championship

If you tuned in to the start of the TV coverage yesterday, you got a rare glimpse inside Rory McIlroy's putting practice regimen. This man knows how to build confidence! He laid down his Putting Alignment Mirror and drained 55 in a row from 8-10 feet! Scroll down to read his pre-round interview.

Here is a video of the action - found on the PGA Tour YouTube Channel:

After his morning practice session Sunday Rory had this to say in an interview:

Reporter:  We were watching you putt. You made 55 consecutive putts from what wasn’t an easy distance. When you see the ball go in the hole as many times as it did, what does that do for your confidence as you prepare?
Rory:  Yeah, I mean, that’s just part of my routine. I practice with this mirror and you know, just sort of get my alignment right and my eye line and stuff. It would be a lot easier on the course if I could bring that little thing out with me and set it down. It’s all just about grooving your stroke and repeating what you are trying to do.