Tour Average Putting Game

Use the Tour averages to grade your skill.  You are better than you think!

You will need at least 6 balls for this game

  • Start with one ball at 4 feet from the cup
  • Take a step away and set 2 balls down (7 feet from the cup)
  • Take 2 steps away and set 4 balls down (13 feet from the cup)
  • 2 steps - 5 balls (19 feet)
  • 2 steps - 10 balls ( 25 feet)

(You can create the right # of balls after cleaning up around the cup as you go)

The goal is to make the "Tour Average" before you move to the next level.
Make the 4 footer, 1-2 from 7 feet, 1 of 4 from 13 feet, etc.

You can make it more difficult by laying out the balls in a circle around the cup … but don’t let it beat you up :)

Remember, no 3-putts!