How does the Ball of Steel work?

Q: Kevin writes: "I received a Ball of Steel as a gift and I’m not really sure what the purpose of it is. Could you help me?"

A: Hey Kevin - That’s a good question. There are two basic purposes with the Ball of Steel. Let’s see if I can help you.

First of all, note that the Ball of Steel is 5 times heavier than a golf ball and is not intended to be struck with a full swing club. Actually, although it is the same size and shape as a golf ball, the practice routine doesn’t require hitting it straight or into a cup.

  1. The Ball of Steel is an ideal tool to help eliminate deceleration. Because of the weight of the ball, if you decelerate swinging into it, there will be little or no transfer of energy, causing minimal roll out. By learning to accelerate through the Ball of Steel, you will begin to experience what the feeling is to create some energy in your stroke. Begin by hitting 2’ putts. Try hitting a real golf ball next with the same stroke and see if the distance is 5 times greater or 10’. Keep practicing to develop good acceleration through impact.
  2. The second drill for the Ball of Steel is to assist in striking putts in the sweet spot. Because the Ball of Steel is so heavy, you will immediately feel if the impact was in the center of the putter face, on the toe or the heel as the putter will torque open or closed. Don’t get discouraged! Keep at it and keep track of your hits. If you’re continually hitting either the toe or the heel, make adjustments with your set up and see if that’s where the ball is when you address the ball.