OPEN BOX-Hank Haney's Putting Impact System

OPEN BOX: For this product you can expect some small scratches, but nothing that would affect the function and it may not include any retail packaging.

75% of where the ball rolls is determined by the aim of the putter face at impact... if it is square, putts will fall. The Putting Impact System has one purpose - show the position of the face when it impacts the ball. Learn to slide the Impact plate straight forward. The plate magnetically snaps squarely back into place to keep your practice session running smooth.

(Designed to work for both Right-Handed & Left-Handed Players)

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Here's why:
"The Putting Impact System is built on the simple ability of every human. Our hand-eye coordination makes it easy for us to put a flat object on a flat surface... like when you clap your hands!.
If the ball had a flat side, it would be easy to hit it squarely with the putter face.
I created the Putting Impact System to help you visualize a 'flat' ball, and to put the putter face on the flat spot."
4 steps to making all your 4 footers:
  • Use the Impact Plate with no ball to learn to square the putter at impact.
  • Introduce the ball. Use the Impact Plate and Magnetic Base, but continue focusing on squaring the face.
  • Increase focus on "flat-on-flat" by using the Ball Hider to take the ball out of your vision.
  • Transfer your practice to the course with the Ball Liner by making a confident stroke delivering the putter face squarely to the back line. 
  • BONUS STEP - Gate Drill - hit the ball in the center of the putter face.
Practicing without a ball brings focus to the right fundamental - squaring the putter face at impact. Make strokes and learn to hit the Impact Plate straight forward. 
If it rotates to the right, then the heel of the putter is hitting the plate before the toe. If it rotates to the left, the toe is hitting first.
The feedback is instant - no video needed. You know immediately if the face is square at impact.

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