EyeLine Golf Summer Games 2014


Week 1 – Make short putts like they were tap-ins

Name of the Game: "4 Corners"

Goal: Practice short putts of varying length and slope

Setup: Create a box with 4 tees, 4 corners, 4 feet from the cup. Put a tee between each corner.


  1. How many in a row can you make?
  2. How many of the 8 putts did you make?

Variation: Move closer or further to the hole.

Ways to Improve Your score:

Putting Alignment Mirror – Check your lines

Proper alignment and eyes on the target line:

  • Line up the mirror to the cup, and line up yourself to the mirror. You are READY!
  • Create a putter gate with a tee just off the toe and heel of the putter. This assures a proper stroke path, and sweet-spot hit.

Sword Drill – Keep the putter face square at impact.

If you can roll the ball down the Sword, the face is square at impact, and the putter is moving through impact. These are the most likely faults of missing short putts.