Sold Out- Pro Slider Putting System
Sold Out- Pro Slider Putting System
Sold Out- Pro Slider Putting System
Sold Out- Pro Slider Putting System
Sold Out- Pro Slider Putting System
Sold Out- Pro Slider Putting System
Sold Out- Pro Slider Putting System

Sold Out- Pro Slider Putting System

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The Pro Slider will take your putting stroke to the highest level of accuracy and consistency. The horizontal slider rods are adjustable to fit the lie angle of putters and strokes - 73˚, 70˚, 67˚, and 64˚. Use the Pro Slider indoors. The base pieces have non-skid surfaces to hold them in place on carpet.

Slide your putter on the outside of the rods to help a stroke that has a tendency to go outside the path during the backswing. Slide your putter on the inside of the rods to help a stroke that has a tendency to go inside the path during the backswing. Swing the putter between the rods - the Pro Slot - to master the stroke with no assistance. This drill is for the most accomplished player.

Assemble the Pro Slider in less than a minute and be ready to change your putting forever.



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kevin s.
United States United States

Fantastic device to get your shoulders moving and keeping your putter on the same path

Justin N.
United States
I'm pleased with this Pro

I'm pleased with this Pro Slider System, I think it is very helpful for ingraining a consistent putting stroke that stays on plane. I wish it had more lie angle options because my putter is 71 degrees. Also, a minor addition I also would have liked would be slightly longer rails to practice longer putting strokes.

Joel W.
United States
Fantastic aid

Overall it’s been a terrific aid; I only give it 4 stars because I feel the design could be improved a bit structurally, maybe with a thin attachment at the bottom to prevent the feet from jiggling around. Also it’s not extremely clear how the lie indicator tabs are really supposed to be used effectively. Other than that I’ve found it very helpful for keeping my putter on plane and making straighter, more consistent puts.

Dave P.
United States
Great Putting Trainer

The Pro Slider has taught me a lot about my stroke. I have used putting arcs before but felt they did little to improve my putting. What makes this product different is the addition of the second rod that locks the whole putter on plane. When I first started practicing with it, I noticed I was having a hard time keeping the putter touching the top rail on the throughstroke. Breakthrough moment, my hands were lifting and coming offplane in the downswing. I have always had a tendency to leave the club face open at impact and now I know why. If you keep the whole shaft on plane and keep your hands quiet, the ball is going to be struck pure. This concept is explained briefly in one of the product videos. Brilliant.

John M.
United States
Terrific product

Terrific product- very helpful in terms of maintaining putter plain, developing consistency, etc. I really like how you can work up through stages of increasing challenge. Thanks so much!

David P.
United States
Excellent product

Great feedback! Eliminates my mistakes almost instantly.

Vic W.
Brilliant and Simple

Keeping the shaft on plane with the two rods is a nice bonus to this device.  The thing that I love is the acid test of keeping the shaft on the correct path and plane when using it in the pro position.  The student can immediately tell where his mistake is.  Then go back and train using the top of slider rails or other drills to correct . Then back to the test to see their improvement.  Brilliant and simple.  Thanks for all the great aids that EyeLine produces. This one is a winner.

Stephen A.
Simple and Effective

I like to keep concepts simple in my teaching. That is why I love The Pro Slider. It is so effective at keeping the putting stroke on a slight arc. I believe this is a big key to making a repeatable stroke and nailing your “start-line” under the gun. EyeLine Golf has created another “must have” device for everyone from the club player to a tour player.

Paul J.
Great Tool to Develop Muscle Memory

The Pro Slider is a great tool to develop muscle memory for a golf that struggles with too much hand action and maintaining correct putter path. Five strokes on the inside rails then 5 strokes on the outer rail will help develop the motion for making more putts. Because of the severe winter weather we have only tested it indoors as I write but look forward to taking it outside.