Putting Sword by Michael Breed
Putting Sword by Michael Breed
Putting Sword by Michael Breed
Putting Sword by Michael Breed
Putting Sword by Michael Breed
Putting Sword by Michael Breed
Putting Sword by Michael Breed
Putting Sword by Michael Breed
Putting Sword by Michael Breed
Putting Sword by Michael Breed
Putting Sword by Michael Breed
Putting Sword by Michael Breed
Putting Sword by Michael Breed
Putting Sword by Michael Breed

Putting Sword by Michael Breed

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The width of the Sword is calibrated with a margin of error so it mimics making putts of longer lengths.

A Few Calculations:

  • A Golf Ball is 1.68".  The cup is 4.25".  The .5" on the bottom of the ball contacts the putting surface.
  • The Sword is the width of the ball.  When the ball goes off line .5" it falls off the Sword.
  • This margin of error combined with the length of the putt creates a direction angle the putt can roll off-line and still fall in the cup.
  • If the putt rolls off the end of the Sword then it will go in the cup from the distances marked.  
  • The Putting Sword is a very thin 1/16” of an inch in height, so you’re not lifting the putter up off the ground very far.
  • Eaaaasy-McGeeeezy.

Getting started

  1. Find a straight putt and set the end of the Sword 12 inches from the cup (or wall if used indoors).
  2. Set a ball on the "3 foot" line (it is 12" from the end of the Sword).  Hit putts and roll them off the end of the Sword.  This is the equivalent of sinking a 3 foot putt.  When you can successfully roll 5 consecutive putts, move back to the "6 foot" line and repeat.  Repeat from the end of the Sword and you are a Master.
  3. Hit a single ball from each of the distances marked on the Sword

Tour Average Drill 

  • Tour players make 75% of 5' putts, and 50% of 8' putts.
  • Use the marks on the Sword to see if you can putt at Tour skill level.

Create the Ultimate Putting Station 

  1. Add the Putting Alignment Mirror to create a simple and effective practice station.
  2. Slide the mirror on the "handle" of the Sword.
  3. Check your eye alignment, putter face and restrict your stroke length.
  4. You can also create a putter gate with tees in the slots of the mirror.
  5. The result?  Drills that address alignment, impact position, stroke length and path.  Wow!
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Jim B.
United States

Putting sword

This is a great tool.

Bob L.
United States United States

Putting Sword review

I am enjoying using this training aid. Not sure yet if it is helping with my actual on course scoring as I haven’t played enough rounds yet.

Liam B.
United States United States


Seems like a good aid, have been appreciating it.

Emerson G.
United States United States

Shows minor flaws

Showed me immediately that my tendency was to very slightly “pull” the putt - close face. Putting on the course is already better.

Eric B.
United States United States

Putting Sword - very useful

The Putting Sword is very helpful in determining the errors in my stroke and helping me start the ball on line. It also works very well in combination with the Edge mirror and other similar training aids.

Charlie N.
United States United States

Works! Needs to be stiffer.

Standard model. Works well for the most part, but found it flexes/bends too much - difficult to assure a true flat surface. Perhaps a bit stiffer material to eliminate over bending. (Also have the eye line and shoulder line mirrors - excellent products!)

Greg M.
United States United States


It’s changed my putting, when I fist started using the sword it was frustrating, after a few weeks of using it 5to 10 minutes a night I improved my putting so much on the course, having that confidence over a 8 footer is priceless

EyeLine Golf Putting Sword by Michael Breed Review
Zach B.
United States United States

Great concept, could be made more challenging

I really like the putting sword although I wish the “tour” version was narrower and more challenging. I was hoping to replace my old putting rail from YES golf, but the widest end of the putting rail I have is still narrower than the tour version of the putting sword, so the putting sword isn’t nearly as challenging. Maybe you guys can make some revisions.

Jerry S.
United States United States



Lloyd A.
United States

Great Product

This is a great product. It helps you get lined up over the ball correctly, and forces you to keep your head down, as well as keeping you focused on the correct stroke. I don't think I've used it enough to form a "habit" yet, but I will get there. Highly recommend to anyone who is struggling with consistency in their putting.

David P.
United States

Putting sword

Putting is getting better

United States

Surprised- Positively

The putting Sword helped me to putt the ball squarly and improved my putting after one session! I was surprised how effective the Putting Sword identifying stoke problems.

Will P.

Turned my putting around in just a few weeks

My instructor turned me on to your stuff with the MyRoll balls and mirror. I turned my putting around in just a few weeks of practice. The sword is the last little bit of the puzzle and I’ll be using your products to keep me in shape. If anything I should be thanking you!

Mark L.
United States

Mark Leisenring

The absolute best putting training aid I’ve ever purchased. Before I got the sword I used to have 38 to 40 putts per round . Since I’ve been practicing with the sword I have never made more 6 to 3 foot putts in my life. Now I walk off the green with a big smile.

Bobby M.
United States

Putting Sword

Has helped me with my putting stroke.

Michael C.
United States


The item works as advertised. It gets over top of the ball and forces you to keep the ball on its intended line.