Ships 3/1 - Impact Cube
Ships 3/1 - Impact Cube
Ships 3/1 - Impact Cube
Ships 3/1 - Impact Cube
Ships 3/1 - Impact Cube
Ships 3/1 - Impact Cube
Ships 3/1 - Impact Cube
Ships 3/1 - Impact Cube

Ships 3/1 - Impact Cube

9 reviews
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Getting Started with the Impact Cube

The Impact Cube is made of an ultra-durable Ballistic Nylon. (If that is all we changed, it would be a huge improvement!) Next, we added a variety of angles to provide a fantastic visual and feel of the different leans and positions you practice. Fill it with towels and it is a solid 10 pounds- ideal weight and softness.

It has 4 sides with 4 Impact positions:

  • The Wedge Lean side is slanted so a forward leaning Wedge matches the angle.
  • There is a 7 iron lean and a vertical Driver lean side, too.
  • There is also a round side.
  • Then the magic happens!  Flip the Impact Cube on its top and you have a side (the Wedge Lean) that is slanted toward you.  Set the ball “under” the slant and it is the ideal tool for teaching an inside attack angle and preventing the “over the top” move.

The Impact Cube was developed with Ed Bowe, Director of Instruction at Amelia Island.  “I use it in every lesson.  It helps people see the impact angles and learn the correct impact feel … fast.”

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Michele P.
United States United States
Smashing success

Does what it says it does. I would have given it 5 stars, but the last time I picked up the Impact Cube by the handle, I felt and heard some stitches snapping where the handle attaches to the top seams. I can not see any stitches broken, but it was not a good feeling. I will be observing it closely, but still using it.

Robert T.
United States United States
Recommended by my Golf Pro

Love the impact cube. There are cheaper brands out there; but don’t be fooled. This one is the real thing and worth the cost!

Mark J.
United States United States
Impact bag

I received both products quickly and have been practicing with both, definitely better to have training aids to provide feedback. Both products will certainly help as long as your disciplined in using them. Impact is great for feeling how impact should feel and the position your hands and body should be in at impact.

Paul P.
United States United States
Must have

There are some great training aids out there that do different things well. This aid however is a must have and fits easily in your golf bag. 5 minutes before your round and your stroke will be so much better. It’s an aid you can use over and over again for years and years. You never not need it! If I could pick just two training aids it would be alignment sticks and the eye line putting mirror.

Roth C.
United States
Impact cube

Nice addition to my practice routine

Robert M.
United States
11 year olds love this!

I bought this to help my 11 year old daughter with her training. She absolutely loves using this to get the feel of her swing. Great quality. I find myself using this as much as her too.

Ken B.
Philadelphia Area, PA
Product Delivered Not As Shown

I was surprised to find that the impact bag was not delivered as shown in all the product ads. Rather, it is an empty shell/bag which requires you spend more money and time to fill it with the proper materials and in the proper way as described by a video on this site. I see now that I missed the words about "filling it with towels" above. As such, I think the best I can give this product is 3 out of 5 but may lower the score if I find it doesn't meet all the performance standards that are advertised.

russ c.
United States
Impact cube

This is the best impact bag I've ever used. Every day I find a new way to use it so a student can better understand what their swing needs to do to play better golf.

Harry B.
United States
impact cube

The Impact cube split along a seam after about 15 swings, however I was sent a replacement very quickly

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