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Laser Cap

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Tony S.
United States United States
Nice Product

Keeping the head steady, while putting, has been a life long challenge for me. The laser cap gives great feedback to that end. If there was one recommendation or wish that I would make, it would be for the laser to be adjustable so that it can shine directly on the ball (as opposed to approximately 18 inches outside the target line due to the natural angle of my head at set up).

Joseph L.
United States United States
Laser Cap

I like it a lot, but I’ve only had it a couple of weeks and the laser is dimming as the battery in it is dying already, anyway I can buy some replacement batteries for it, please?

Chan H.
United States
Great training aid!

I didn’t realize my head moved around so much. The crazy thing is that my dogs go nuts and and try to chase the dot while I am practicing my putting. Haha!!

Tim B.
United States
Best training aid so far

The cap works as advertised. I am very happy with it. You need to make sure the cap is level in a mirror (CAUTION: Laser) before using it, otherwise the laser won't point correctly. I instantly improved my head position over the ball, and also discovered how much I move my head. The laser is helping me keep my head still. The laser still makes me nervous as I don't want to shine it or it's reflection off the putter or floor into my eyes. Just be careful and use sparingly.

John R.
United States
Laser Cap

The experience has been very good. My head and focus was totally different than I thought they were. Helped me to get my head over the ball.

Dwight B.
United States
Performance, style and comfort.

The laser cap works both indoors and outdoors. Easy to use and comfort to match. Very pleased.

Tom C.
United States
Laser cap

Good for steady putting

Richard B.
United States
nice cap

The cap is nice. The idea of it is what is most valuable. I was concerned about the location of the laser dot and my head and sent a question to EyeLine. The reply was one of the best I have ever received and made a whole lot of sense. While the cap may not have, as a device, made much difference, the idea that came with it is priceless

Kenny N.
Orlando, USA
It works for all players

I have been using the Laser Cap as a tester for many months. I've used it with all levels of players, and every one of them learned instantly about their head and eye movement. It is a standard piece of my teaching kit. Great job, EyeLine!

Phil T.
I wish I had 2 caps

I knew the laser dot was going to help me when I saw it on the website. I just got it and I was right. I was turning my head toward the target before impact - I had never even thought about it before the laser showed it. I will be using it in every practice. It is hot here. I wish I had 2 caps! thanks

Matt A.
My head was watching the putter head

The first time I tried the Laser Cap I thought it was faulty! No way could I be moving my head that much. I realized I was watching the putter head and not the ball - I had no idea. Thanks. I think I am going to be a much better putter.

Kenneth M.
Wow, this was shocking

I was blown away the first time I tried this. I put on the cap and made a few putts in my office and could immediately see that I was moving my head a ton! Before i saw this I thought my head was pretty steady. After working with it for a while my head movement was quickly reduced. It has made a huge difference - plus the hat fits great too, thanks!