Align your heels, not your toes

Tee Box Alignment Station

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Alignment is the foundation of your golf swing—get it wrong, and your practice is doing more harm than good. If your aim is off, your body compensates without you realizing, causing you to form bad habits. It's simple: Misalign, and you're practicing to miss. At the same time, practice correct alignment and it goes from uncomfortable to second-nature- but it takes consistent fine tuning.

Enter the Tee Box, a big upgrade over average alignment sticks. Quick setup and effortless target changes ensure your lines are always parallel. Portable and practical, it slips right into your bag.

Take your range accuracy to the course. No more second-guessing—"Am I aimed right?" "Is my stance aligned?"—just confidence in your setup for better, distraction-free golf. Those glowing lines will be etched in your mind.