Align your heels, not your toes

Tee Box Alignment Station 2.0

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Getting started

Did you ever try to get alignment sticks to line up parallel to your target? It is a constant battle of aligning and realigning the sticks after every few shots!

10 seconds to a perfect practice station:  Lay down the Tee Box and peg the front rod, then stretch out the cords and align the center of the back rod on the target line.  Ta Da!

You have quickly created a hitting zone with perfectly parallel lines.

Want to change targets? Simply remove the tee in the back rod and rotate the Tee Box to face your new flag. Peg it to the ground and you’re ready to go in an instant.

Plus, it is just as easy to collapse and throw in the pocket of your bag when you are done (no more alignment sticks gouging you or your clubs).

The Tee Box creates a hitting zone that is 18" wide and 48" long.

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