Unlock Your Putting Potential: Cam Smith's Winning Routine with EyeLine Golf Putting Mirrors

Golf Digest's recent deep-dive into 2022 Open Champion Cameron Smith's putting stroke uncovers the vital role that his EyeLine Golf Putting Mirror plays in his success. Like Smith, a staggering 16 of the Top 20 Players in the World (OWGR) trust EyeLine Golf Training Aids to fine-tune their game. It's worth noting that these elite athletes aren't paid to use our products – they choose EyeLine because it helps them perform at their best when millions of dollars are on the line.

Smith uses the EyeLine Golf Groove Plus and the Classic Putting Mirrors in his daily practice. The mirror allows Smith to ensure his shoulders are square to his target line and his dominant eye is directly over the golf ball. This meticulous routine helps Smith steer clear of common alignment pitfalls and drain those vital putts. He dedicates about 20 minutes each day to this mirror practice, focusing on putts of 10 to 15 feet. Amazingly, that's about all he does to keep his putting sharp.

Another distinguishing trait of Smith's putting technique is the equal speed of his backstroke and follow-through. Guided by his coach, Grant Field, Smith embraces a constant putter head speed, debunking the myth of needing aggressive acceleration through the ball. This technique guarantees superior distance control and a smoother stroke.

Lastly, Smith's approach involves zero practice strokes before each putt. He takes one intentional, prolonged glance at the hole, a practice that enables him to zone into his target and visualize the imminent shot.

For a complete breakdown, check out the full Golf Digest article here.

Remember, when the stakes are high, the world's best golfers trust EyeLine Golf to bring their A-game. Why not you?