EyeLine Golf Check Point Swing Laser

Hey, it’s Brixton here again…

And it’s one thing to be TOLD you need to shallow the club to begin your downswing…

But it’s just not easy to pull off if you don’t know what it FEELS like to shallow the club.

The CheckPoint Swing Laser gives you the immediate feedback you need to know what works (and what doesn’t) when you’re trying to get the club into a more shallow position early in the downswing.

If you want to consistently square your clubface at impact…

Maximize your clubhead speed…Increase your distance…Without risking a single penny…

Get the CheckPoint Swing Laser to FINALLY Start Shallowing the Club and Striking the Ball Pure!


We created the Checkpoint with some thought that might be worth considering. If we taped lasers on the shaft, the "up" laser would hit your knuckles and would not be visible - except on your hands. the "down" laser would not be adjustable with each club. The polycarbonate clip is ultra strong to hold the lasers and club shaft - no sliding around. The lasers are commercial grade strength so they can be seen outdoors, and they are tested for accurate projection. Sometimes lasers do not project "straight", so they don't give accurate feedback. We design every product for one reason - to help people improve, not just have another training aid. It usually takes some sophisticated engineering to make things looks simple - that's why we have satisfaction guarantees.

The point of the Check Point is to guide and teach positions in the swing. If the swing is too fast, then you can't see the lasers, so nothing is really gained. Swing very slow and you will instantly see the path and plane. Stopping at certain points will burn in those position, too. It has amazing results.

Yes, it works for lefties. It only requires a slight change in the position of the lasers. We have instructions on the site.

Getting Started with the Check Point Swing Laser


I purchased the swing laser for myself and have seen immediate improvement in my swing in a short time. My sons recently used it while they were home for the holidays and loved it as well. It shipped quickly. Set up is easy, and the product has worked without any issues every time I use it. I am going purchase one for each of my sons for Christmas and would recommend it as a gift for any golfer.

Brandon B.

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