Fix the Yips Video Series

I am so glad you are here! I know the frustration you are experiencing because of this nasty thing we call the Yips.

You will relate to my story, and I hope you get enough encouragement to watch some of the steps. They are simple and they have helped a bunch of players like us.

So watch, believe a little, and watch your confidence begin to return.
It is obviously not easy … but it is not impossible, either. I’m cheering for you!
Let me know how you are doing.


Even golf legends like Ernie Els can fall victim to the yips. You'll notice Ernie's right wrist twitch right before he makes contact during his Thursday round at the 2015 Dunhill Links Championship.

Tools Used in this Series

- Edge Putting Rail >>>
- Edge Putting Mirror >>>
- Golf Metronome >>>