The Science Behind Improvement - Muscle Memory

Follow a Proven Path to Improvement

Deep Practice, Quality Repetitions and Muscle Memory... We are always on the lookout for new discoveries and ways to communicate about improvement.  We found these clips to be informative and intriguing.  Take a few minutes to watch them, they will get your mind running.


“The best way to measure progress is not in minutes or hours but in the number of quality repetitions you make”

~ Daniel Coyle          


I love the way he explains how we can capture new concepts and make them stick


Daniel Coyle's research will allow us to take the element of luck out of improvement.


There is no doubt we - our brains or our muscles - learn to repeat a movement when it is practiced repeatedly in exactly the same way.  Can you create a more consistent pattern in your putting stroke?  Absolutely!  You will need to do the same thing over and over with concentration and emotional intention.  You will need a “coach”.

At EyeLine we have created our whole line of products with the goal of burning in the proper feel.  With concentrated effort on making quality repetitions, there is no question you will improve! Keep doing the right things over and over until you are "A Natural" :)

Top Products for Creating Muscle Memory in your Putting

    The Books

    If you would like to pick up either of the books referenced in these clips, CLICK HERE.  They are awesome for golf and life!

        Here is some insight into the "hot beds of talent" that are out there and what we can learn