The Two Ball Drill: Mastering the Square Putter Face with the Circuit Trainer

Ever been stumped by pushing or pulling your putts? I know I've been there. Let me share with you a simple solution that can work wonders on your putting stroke - the Two Ball Drill, one of the many drills you can practice with the Circuit Trainer.

Now, why is a square putter face at impact so important? It's all about starting the ball on your intended start line. Face angle at the moment of impact has a greater than 90% influence on the direction the ball rolls. To put it in perspective, a putter face open by just 2 degrees at impact will cause you to miss the hole from 5 feet away. From 8 feet, the face angle needs to be less than 1 degree open or closed to the target, and from 15 feet, it needs to be less than 0.5 degrees open or closed. That's a tiny margin for error!

Let's get back to the Two Ball Drill. Grab two golf balls and set them next to each other. Place your putter behind both balls, making sure the putter face touches them. Go ahead and stroke the putt, observing the results. If the front ball (on the putter toe) jumps ahead, your putter was closed at impact. If the ball on the heel goes farther, your putter face was open. Hitting both balls together or very close means you've got a square putter face and they're traveling evenly on a straight path.

Try this drill using the Putting Circuit Trainer, which gives you 12 essential drills for perfecting your putting. You'll not only improve your square putter face impact but also build confidence and consistency on the greens.

Remember, the Circuit Trainer comes with a QR code for easy access to video instructions for each drill. Happy putting, my friends!