Why Tiger Woods Swears by the Putter Gate Drill - And Why You Should, Too!

Like many of you, I've watched countless hours of golf and have marveled at Tiger executing that iconic Putter Gate Drill on TV coverage before his rounds. It's no secret that he's a putting legend - but why does he swear by this simple drill, and what's the secret behind its effectiveness?

Well, the Putter Gate Drill's magic lies in one key aspect: consistent sweet spot contact. You see, hitting that sweet spot is crucial for achieving a consistent, predictable roll - and this drill is designed to help you master that skill.

Now, you might've noticed that Tiger often pairs his drill with the EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror. This handy tool ensures his eyes are perfectly positioned over the ball and his shoulders are square. However, the Circuit Trainer Mirror can serve the same purpose, plus it offers a fuller view of your shoulder alignment.

The best part? The Putter Gate Drill is just one of the 12 incredible drills you can set up with the Circuit Trainer System. With everything you need for an effective putting practice session, it's a game-changer! And, each drill comes with a QR code for easy access to video instructions.

So, the next time you're itching to improve your putting game, channel your inner Tiger and give the Putter Gate Drill a go. Who knows, you might just find yourself sinking more putts and feeling like the GOAT yourself!