• Take it to the Course- Game Tour Stat Challenge

    4 Putting Elements- Take it to the courseTour players make 75% of their putts from 5 feet, 50% from 8 feet, and 25% from 14 feet. This game lets you test your skill with the best in the world. Set up tees at 5, 8, and 14 feet.  Hit 4 putts from each measurement. The game is to make 3 of 4 from 5 feet, 2 of 4 from 8 feet, and 1 of 4 from 14.

  • Eavesdrop on an anti-slice lesson

    >>> Click here to check out the Speed Trap

    >>> Click here to check out the SkyPro

    End the Slice - Watch the Lesson

    Changing the path of your swing is hard to see, hard to feel, and even harder to know if you are practicing correctly.
    How about some help?

    The Speed Trap will instantly change your path visually and physically.

    “Hit the ball, miss the Red things.”

    Enough said…

    Spend 3 minutes watching a lesson using the Speed Trap and SkyPro and you’ll see that it really only takes a few swings.


    Check out the tools we used:

    View the Speed Trap
    View the SkyPro

  • I Fought the Chipping Yips and Won

    A simple chip looks easy, but there are a few things that can go wrong – hit it fat, chili-dip it, yip it, shank it … been there, done that.

    I have used a system that I know will help you because it is built on solid principles of deep practice.

    • #1 rule of practice:  Pay attention to what you are doing. 
    • #1 Anti-rule of practice:  Be fearful
    • #1 Rule from Sam – eliminate anxiety and fear - practice at home!

    I can hear you laughing, but picture this – you hit a foam ball thin and it hits the wall.  You DON’T look around to see who saw it.

    Or … you hit a basic chip and pull it dead left.  You DON’T retrieve the ball and kick it back into your pile of balls.  You just try to do better on this ball.

    Let’s face it, when you are working on something new or difficult there will be a lot of failures.  No problem, it’s just you, the ball, and the carpet. This was the ONLY way I could hit enough chips to get through the “valley of death” with the yips. 

    I have a couple of great drills to help your chipping – whether you are a beginner or scratch player.

    The Speed Trap was developed indoors – so put it to work like I did.



    Check out the tool we used:


  • Making the 5 Footer on the 1st Green


    How great is it to make a 5 footer on the 1st green? It makes the whole day better!

    I want to help you make your share of short putts.

    Here is a little geometry, and few cool practice drills.

    I wish I had some sound effects for you to hear the ball dropping in the cup on the 1st green!


    Check out some of the tools we used:

    View the Putting Laser +

    View the Switchblade for Face Alignment

    View the Perfect Line Putting Mat - Mini

    View the Bullseye Cup

  • Laser Surgery for Your Putting


    My doctor loves lasers to help cut out the bad stuff.

    I love our laser to do the same thing with a putting stroke!

    A laser line will instantly tell us if the putter is moving where and how it should to make the ball roll on our line.

    What can we learn?

    How can we fix it?

    Here is 3 minutes to get your putting “lasered”



    Check out some of the tools we used:

    View the Putting Laser +

    View the Edge Putting Rail

    View the Classic EyeLine Mirror

    View the Pendulum Putting Rod