Groove+ Putting Laser
Groove+ Putting Laser
Groove+ Putting Laser
Groove+ Putting Laser
Groove+ Putting Laser
Groove+ Putting Laser
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Groove+ Putting Laser

Groove+ Putting Laser

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The new powerful Groove+ Putting Laser is easy to use, providing instant visual feedback.  Simply shine the laser crosshairs and align them with the face of the putter, bisecting the putter head.  Make your stroke.  If your hands rotate the putter face, the laser target line will point to the right or left.  Keep your hands quiet and the line through the ball will track perfectly on the target line - back and through. Amazing!

The strong tactical grade housing is built for durability and long life. We used a high grade glass lens and a Poly-carbonate shaft connector for strength. It's time to Groove your stroke!

Product Videos

Setting up your Groove+ Putting Laser:

      1. Loosen the Groove Shaft connector and push the connector onto the shaft near the putter head
      2. Slide the Groove+ Laser up the shaft to your desired position, then tighten the connector
      3. Adjust the Groove+ Laser to shine onto your target line, bisecting the putter head

Using your Groove+ Putting Laser:

Shine the laser onto the impact point of the putter, bisecting the head.
Select a straight line perpendicular to the putter head.  This can be a line on the floor, a piece of tape, or the Putting Sword.

      1. Make swings, like a grandfather clock, keeping the laser on the line.
      2. Make strokes keeping the laser on the line.
      3. Hit putts rolling the ball down your line.

Hit putts with the ball on the ground and the laser shining outside the ball:
If you want to hit putts with the ball on the putting surface and not on the  "line", simply set the ball just inside the line, and adjust the laser to shine onto the line.  Make strokes hitting the ball and keeping the laser on the "line".

If the laser is not staying on your line, watch these checkpoints:
If the laser line is rotating open and closed, then the putter head is opening and closing.  Usually the hands are actively manipulating the putter.  Keep them soft and quiet.

If the Laser line is moving off your line, it is usually your putter path.  The putter face is quiet, but the path is too inside or outside the line.  The Groove+ Laser is made to help with this.  Make slow strokes while tracking the Laser on your line.  Pay attention to the feel of this stroke.  Repetition, repetition, repetition...

If the Laser line is moving off your line, it is usually your putter path.  The putter face is quiet, but the path is too inside or outside the line.  The Groove Laser is made to help with this.  Make slow strokes while tracking the Laser on your line.  Pay attention to the feel of this stroke.  Repetition, repetition, repetition...

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Bernard R.
United States United States
Very helpful aid

Excellent tool. Gives the feel of a straight putt. Highly recommend. Am making more putts somehow. Ball Goes where I want.

Chuck A.
United States United States
Putting Laser

Great!…it’s working out to be a big help.

Glenn A.
United States United States
Very Helpful

The Groove+Putting Laser taught me that my takeaway path was very wrong and showed me what it feels like to truly take back the putter in a straight line. It is helpful to use the My Roll 2 Color Ball to see if I'm getting the proper hit.

Charles B.
United States United States

I invested in the tool to "see" my alignment better. It definitely helps. Now the problem is between my ears rather than between my hands.

Marc B.
United States United States
Ideal for checking putting stroke path

I am very pleased with this aid. It helped me recognize how my face was not remaining square through the strike. What "feels" like square for me is actually pushing right! I'm making more putts now. Also, the customer service was exceptional. I was missing something in my order and they turned it around right away without question. Thank you.

David T.
United States United States
Laser for putter

Works well and gives insight to the putting stroke. Maybe it will help improve the face angle

michael b.
United States

Very good training aid.. Teaches to go down the line to the intended target.

Rich M.
United States
Couldn’t have been better, it really changes your game!

This is my first time writing about something that I bought. Here is the reason I decide take my time to do it. This laser is completely changing my daughters short game. I bought the laser for my daughter 6 months ago (she plays in High school and hopes to play in college). It helped her shave the strokes and she continued to improve. If you are open to spending money on gadgets to improve your game, you. I wish I had bought this a long time ago. Also, my daughter accidentally broke part of the laser, and when I emailed them, they wrote back within 10 minutes and sent us a new one. I am very happy with the results of purchasing this laser.

New York, NY
Adds sharpness to your stroke

Working with this, the rail and the total stroke really sharpened my understanding of how the putter face stays square while the putter rises and falls on plane. Keeping the green “sword” pointed smoothly down the line, on target, while the sides open, square, then close, really builds the imagination and calms the wrists, while making the stroke sharper and more consistent.

Charles F.
United States
Great Training Device

Seeing modest but solid results with just a couple of weeks using daily for a few minutes. Confidence with all putts is starting to grow.

Mark P.
United States
Second time is the charm

My first unit didn't work and I wrote a bad review. Eyeline read my review and followed up immediately. They sent a new unit out right away that works fantastically. Really great tool that helps groove a solid putting stroke. I'm very impressed with the customer service I received. I wish more companies gave me such great service!

Richard P.
United States
Cured Problem

This training tool will keep you from pushing and pulling your putts. Almost every put I hit now has a chance of going in the hole. Notify me when you come up with something that will read my putts and I will be your first customer. The laser is a great teaching tool. Thanks. Richard.

H. Johnson
Tulsa, OK
My stroke has improved tremendously

After you guys helped me get it adjusted I'm loving the product. I've never had a laser as I've felt they were a short cut type product that would not hold up. This beauty is solid and built to last. Impressed with the engineering and construction. More importantly my stroke has improved tremendously. I watch videos of good putters and now see the motion. Having used rail type products with little to show for the effort, the laser helps groove a better stroke both back and through. There is definitely a pick up motion I'm now seeing in order to keep the head on line. No rail type product would have demonstrated that. All that said, you have a winner. Continued success with it.

Rob K.
Elgin, IL

I am a 64 yr old lawyer with parkinson's disease and the yips and Eyeline golf has catapulted me back to my prior status of having confidence again!! I was a 2-3 hdcp and went up to a 6-7 because of my putting. I have been using the Putting alignment mirror, the Edge rail and the switchblade training aids. BUT THIS LASER IS THE REAL DEAL!! It immediately showed me my path issues and face angle departure from square and i have been rolling the ball using the Laser with perfect spiral end over end rolls!!! Get this NOW!!!!