Video Training Series

Video Training Series

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This video series will give you the guidance you need to get the most out of your new training aid!

The Golf Room Everywhere is an Online System & Community for Golfers Around The World.

The Golf Room Everywhere was created to give you the knowledge and tools necessary to play your BEST golf.  You'll truly become your own coach.

  • For you to perform your best on the golf course, you must have an "empty" mind instead of thinking about technique.
  • ​For you to perform your best, how your swing looks on camera is important, but is not the "tell all". 
  • ​Every aspect of the game is critical for you to becoming your best.  We focus on the skill, body and mind.
  • ​Feedback training will allow you to see results faster when making adjustments and will provide you will REAL feelings.
  • ​You're human. To perform your best, you must get over mistakes before the next shot.
  • ​All the online instruction out there can be misleading and for you to perform your best, you need dive into one system.

Why EyeLine?


For more than a decade, EyeLine Golf training tools have been chosen by more than 75% of the top 20 players in the official world golf rankings.  Products are proven by the Tours, and then offered to help your training.


More than 10,000 instructors have brought EyeLine products into their instruction and they have helped us create training programs for every product to make sure you know how to get the most improvement.


We are passionate about creating tools that help golfers of all levels experience the fun of improvement. To date, EyeLine has helped to rescue the games of several hundred thousand golfers all around the globe. 


Here at EyeLine, we are practice fanatics - maybe because we make practice so much fun!

We have created a video vault with our favorite games and drills to share with you.

Take a look