Sweet Roll Rail System
Sweet Roll Rail System
Sweet Roll Rail System
Sweet Roll Rail System
Sweet Roll Rail System
Sweet Roll Rail System
Sweet Roll Rail System
Sweet Roll Rail System

Sweet Roll Rail System

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This visual tool demonstrates the perfect combination of speed and line. Practice breaking putts with 100% confidence of the line.  You will learn how slight differences in speed have a big impact on green reading.

Know the perfect speed when you pull out your putter.  The quickest way to the ideal line!

Lets Get Started:

  • Find the dot that creates ideal speed. 
  • Adjust the aim of the powder-coated aluminum rail until balls fill the cup.
  • Add the Spot On Laser Target and you are ready for the most precise practice ever – putter gate, ball gate, and intermediate targets all come from the Sweet Roll.
  • There is even a dot to match a Stimpmeter.
  • Remove the kickstand and hit putts on the rail to any distance you want – 30, 60, and beyond.


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Craig T.
United States United States

Great but needs a bit more

Great price compared to alternative options and works as described. I would love to see an extension for mapping out longer putts.

donald t.
United States United States

Has been terrific many times

Has worked perfectly

William P.
United States United States

Sweet Roll Rail System

The storage bag ripped at the end after only 1 week. Pretty disappointed in quality of material for product at this price point

Troy W.
United States United States

Haven’t received it yet.

Haven’t received it yet.

United States



William D.
United States

Must have

I use it mostly to find the constancy of the line when doing my drills with the Classic EyeLine Putting mirror. I use it to find the straight putt (or breaking if im working on breaking), and it lets me know where the perfect line is. Also great for finding speeds of greens.

Britton L.

Awesome Putting Tool

This is an awesome puttin aid! Love the gate drill! Really dials in your putting! And like the stimp meter.

Chris A.
United States

Sweet Roll Rail System

This system is the perfect way to see and determine the correct line and speed for any putt.

Adriano B.

Sweet Roll

Very Good practice tool!

Chase O.

Surprising boost to confidence!

Using the sweet roll is about the only way to make a repeatable roll of the ball. By using this tool I am 100% confident of the read on a breaking putt. The part that was surprising was that once I knew the perfect read I was able to make a lot of putts in a row, because it removed all doubt about my aim and read. Also, it seems to be really well made. Should I use this on a level surface or does it matter?

EyeLine Golf

Hi Chase, thanks for your feedback! I would suggest that you use it on both slightly uphill and downhill putts, it is really enlightening to see the difference in roll-out between the two when applying the same force. You will also notice how the break changes between uphill and downhill.

Joey P.
United States

Great for Teaching Green reading

The Sweet Roll Rail System was a great tool at our Putting and Green Reading Clinic. It was simple to use and really shows the importance of line and speed working together to hole putts. Simple to use, accurate and the students love it. Well made and nice carrying case.

James H.
United States

Sweet Roll rail review

I've only had 3 or 4 chances to actually use the Sweet Roll device. I plan on spending a full day to really help my putting (green reading). A few thoughts on what I've learned so far: When I find the right distance from the hole, repeatedly dropping in 6-7 putts in a row from a specific color dot- usually at a distance around 6-8 feet, mark the face angle and placing a "tee gate" maybe 2-3 feet from the hole itself...ive found that my actual putting stroke is much, much better than i gave myself credit for. On one occasion i hit 17/20 putts from about 7 feet. And I am typically 75-80% accurate when this device reveals the correct speed and break. That's the really good news as my confidence in my mechanics has increased tremendously. The bad news I've got to spend much more time using this device to dial in the correct read as I've learned that I usually over-read breaks and that is a hard habit to break; just trusting your read and not second guessing yourself. But no question, this device is worth ever cent for what it tells you. Another thing I've noticed is that even the Sweet Role misses occasionally, even from the same dot- probably because of green imperfection and ball imperfections. And because of that, I'm not beating myself up nearly as much as i used to when i miss on the course. I only see my putting getting better- a lot better!


Love the Sweet Roll

The Sweet Roll is absolutely perfect! so easy to transport and setup. Everyone I have shown it to loves it. I use it to setup up all my practice stations (chalk lines, ball gates etc.) just makes it so easy with a guarantee you have the correct line. phenomal for working on green reading and gauging the correct speed. I love this thing!

Brian J.

The Sweet Roll is SWEET!!

I was so glad to be able to test and purchase the Sweet Roll and use right away with my students! The portability is awesome and the ramp and kickstand are so easy to set up. When the students started to set golf balls on various colored dots on the ramp and got to see what true(sweet) roll and perfect (and imperfect speed at times) really looks like you could see "the wheels turn"and I knew they were learning about distance control through a simple process. Once I extended the ramp inlay and made a training station for break and speed by using a tee gate and line for putter face and ball (I also paired with the Spot on and laser system to determine break) the students were having so much fun making putt after putt. It was a blast, lots of laughs and high-fives! The product is amazing and if anyone is going to teach or have students work on distance control the Sweet Roll is a must! I cannot wait to show more students the Sweet Roll in the near future and improve their putting!